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Learn About Us!

Hi! We are the Dooley Family from Alaska and we are excited that you came to our little corner of the internet!

We are starting this blog to share our adventures with you! Our family adventures, our travel adventures, our memories. We hope our site helps you with your next journey, teaches you something, helps you in some way and most importantly can bring a smile to your face!

If it’s winter and the weather is cooperating you will find us searching for powder on our snowmachines (you may call them snowmobiles if you don’t live in Alaska). In the summer we will be around a campfire, riding side-by-sides or out in a boat. We work hard and play hard and we love every minute of it!

I’m Jenelle…

I created Loving the Life we Live and would like to grow it into something the whole family can be a part of. I work on the 800 mile Trans-Alaska pipeline as an inspection coordinator and non-destructive examination technician. My job on the pipeline has given me the opportunity to see many parts of Alaska that others will never get to see, I was born and raised in Alaska yet the beauty of this state still takes my breath away!

When I am not working I enjoy many different things from DIY projects to playing in the mud, but my passion is travel! I love seeing new places, experiencing different lifestyles, seeing and learning about other cultures, trying new foods, I just can’t get enough of it!

Meet Brandon!

Brandon is my amazing husband and step-dad to my boys. He is one of the funniest people I have ever met and a wonderful step-dad to the boys, they absolutely adore him.

Brandon is a welder out of our local Plumber & Pipefitter union and really enjoys his job. He absolutely loves living in Alaska, his favorite season is winter! I swear to you he would be content living on his snowmachine or snow bike, playing in the powder and climbing mountains all day, every day. He is a very impressive rider, scares me to death most of the time, the guy has no fear! Brandon also enjoys getting muddy on the side-by-side, going camping and going fishing, and of course going on all my crazy travel adventures! He is goofy, fun, smart, caring and I feel like the luckiest gal to have him as my husband!

Meet Bo!

Bo is the oldest of the two boys, he is 14 and an absolutely outstanding young man that I am so proud of! He loves sports, cooking, electronics, traveling to new places and the outdoors! Bo is involved in wrestling, basketball, archery and BMX racing. Bo is also a big fan of photography and many of the pictures included in my posts are actually taken by him.

Meet Tyson!

Tyson is my youngest boy, at 12 years old he is full of energy and spunk! He is such an awesome kid, I am the luckiest mom! Tyson loves sports, traveling, writing, the outdoors and animals! He races BMX, shoots archery, wrestles and plays basketball and volleyball. Tyson helps me keep track of all the amazing adventures we do while on our fantastic vacations in his journal.

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